Desticity Strasbourg (EN)

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Desticity Strasbourg (EN)

Visit Strasbourg in an innovative and fun way



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This audio book has been designed to be listened to on the spot, in front of Strasbourg' monuments or sites of interest. This will enrich your visit experience. They can also be listened to again after your visit, or at any other time, to better know the monuments you like.

Each chapter of this book tells the story and architecture of a site, in a short format of a few minutes. Refer to the title of the chapter for the name of the monument.

Desticity will allow you to discover essential information on the history, architecture and cultural anecdotes of Strasbourg' monuments, sites and tourist districts.

Your imagination will be stimulated by an immersion in the history of what you admire. These moments of visit are to be shared with family and friends.

Plug in your headphones and open your eyes wide... Enjoy your visit with Desticity!