Chris Parker


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One man faces the ultimate test when the murderous hypnotist he helped take down escapes captivity—with revenge on his mind . . .

I’m going to say a few words . . . That’s the promise made by Ethan Hall, serial killer and master hypnotist, when he recovers from his gunshot wounds and escapes from hospital. It’s a promise that causes havoc, loss, and unending pain. Using language to bend people to his will, influencing others to carry out the most destructive acts, Ethan Hall intends to exact his revenge on Marcus Kline and those closest to him in the most personal and savage ways.

Six months have passed since a series of horrific murders forced Marcus, the world’s leading authority on communication and influence, into a unique confrontation with Ethan—a battle of words like no other. Marcus is trying desperately to save his cancer-stricken wife and rebuild his life, his reputation, and his shattered self-confidence. But Ethan Hall has other plans.

Now, with Marcus Kline’s self-belief at an all-time low, the struggle for survival, sanity, and salvation teaches everyone involved that things can always get worse . . .