Me ’n’ Clint

Me ’n’ Clint

Rick Donahoe


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Called “One of the best horse stories you’ll read in a long time,” Me ’n’ Clint is less a “how to” than about the trade one young fellow unexpectedly fell into, fell in love with and bounced around in over much of a lifetime. Written with an authentic voice and wonderful balance of humor and expertise, this unusual telling, straight from the horseshoer’s mouth, offers the reader a window into the everyday trials and tribulations of a farrier that you will find both interesting and hard to put down whether you’ve ever had a horse or not.


Rick Donahoe:

The day after graduating from high school, Rick went west to fight forest fires, work on ranches, file on an Alaskan homestead, and earn a degree in resource conservation. Following several years in agriculture and wildlife management with the Peace Corps in East Africa, he wasn’t looking forward to an indoor job with the government when he saw a guy about his same age shoeing a horse.

Horseshoeing school in Texas led to Rick spending much of his life as a farrier that included raising a family along with cattle and commercial peppermint on Central Oregon’s high desert.